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About SIDE S.A

SIDE is presenting in this new edition of the NPE 2018 , the new generation of blower machines to product PET bottles at highest efficiency, greatest flexibility and lowest cost. SIDE’s technical team has renewed the complete range of machines to offer more to SIDE’s customers. Close on 45 years of experience in the sector are combined with detailed knowledge of the latest applications in new technologies and uses for PET, all aimed at developing forward-looking projects. By incorporating the latest technological advancements, we guarantee high performance, a dynamic approach and swift response, anticipating the future needs of our clients. The new generation of PET Machines from SIDE include a complete list of products, which is more and more required in the different markets, some of them are PET 100% recycling, PP bottles from preforms, 5 US gallons returnable PET containers, T-handle PET bottles. Our global outlook – thanks to an extensive network of commercial services around the world – combined with our desire to build close relationships and a strong awareness of each project, has earned us countless projects worldwide. At present, we operate in over 100 countries to grow. During the NPE 2018 exhibition you will see One of the engineering solutions developed by SIDE T-handle System, for containers that need a handle molded from a preform. The T-handle system is the simplest system that can be found for producing containers with handles. The handle is formed by the same blower system, without the need for any further changes to the container. Also, you will see the new T-handle bottle available now in the market and we will meet all our sales team for America’s to discuss about the technical advantages to work with our machinery.
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